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Care and Handling of Tie-Dyed Items 

Here's how to take care of your tie-dyed clothing:

  • We recommend that you wash the garment before wearing.
  • The first time you wash it, we recommend that you wash it separately, with hot water, stain-lifting detergent, and ample agitation (at least 10 minutes). This should remove any excess dye that may not have bonded with the fabric. We do this ourselves before shipping your item, but, hey, it can't hurt.
  • For subsequent washes, your items can be included in your regular bright color wash. Do not use any bleach. 
  • All our items may be tumble-dried. All items are pre-shrunk before shipping, so further shrinkage should not occur. 
  • Items left in direct sunlight for a long period of time may show signs of fading.
  • Some rayon items may require being washed in the gentle cycle.
  • Items with fringes should be hand-washed.
  • Check our product descriptions carefully for additional information.

Ready-to-Ship Items: Items labeled Ready-to-Ship are products that we have completed and are at our warehouse ready to send out. These listings are for the EXACT ITEM PICTURED (compared to our normal listings for items of the same style as pictured but have not necessarily been created).

Order Processing Time: The time from our hands to yours varies on each item. Since EACH and EVERY item is hand-dyed by Dan Cox, it may take up to 4 weeks (plus 2 weeks for shipping) for your item to arrive. Ready-to-Ship items will arrive faster due to the fact that the item is already created.

Shipping and Handling: Most orders are $5 - $10 for shipping and handling. However, bigger/heavier items may cost more. Shipping outside of the USA will also be more expensive.

Returns: We generally do not accept returns, but we will exchange. Dan takes pride in his work and inspects each item before shipping to ensure quality. Please understand that items with "main color" options are available but each and every item turns out different so there is no guarantee. We will do our best to match the "main color" to your liking however, if you are unhappy with the colors of your item, feel free to sell the item to a friend! We will exchange incorrectly filled orders, or orders that turn out to be the wrong size for you. (Note that plus-sized items, 2XL or larger, are slightly more expensive.)

Inspect your order upon receipt. If there are flaws in the item, we need to know within three days of receipt. 

Custom Orders: If you have a specific item you want to be dyed or a large quantity, please use our form on our CONTACT PAGE.

"I need it by a certain date": PLEASE TELL US. We will try our best to get your item to you for that special birthday or holiday - but if we don't know your deadline we can't meet it.